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This guide forms part of the Shared Knowledge Resources of the Cyprus Dialogue Forum (CDF). It aims to provide a comprehensive source of knowledge on issues that pertain to the official negotiations in Cyprus. It is designed with the aim to support parties in dialogue at all levels.

The guide is structured around the six (6) main chapters of the formal negotiations. These are: Governance & Power Sharing, Territory, Property, Economic Matters, EU Matters, and Security & Guarantees. It is designed to provide an overview of the main issues under each chapter through a historical mapping of previous negotiation phases as well as inform on developments in the latest phase of negotiations.  

All information in the guide is sourced from publicly available original documents (i.e previous plans, convergences, agreements, resolutions etc).

About the Cyprus Dialogue Forum

The Cyprus Dialogue Forum (CDF or Forum) is a non-formal multiparty dialogue space consisting of political, economic and social stakeholders from both communities in Cyprus. It has been designed by local stakeholders as a safe space for dialogue and as a long-term accompanying mechanism to support the peace process.

Within the Forum, stakeholders jointly identify problems and work towards the development of common principles, options and joint visions for the future, that are grounded in a shared understanding of each other. Such understanding is made possible through shared knowledge which is the basis on which the dialogue takes place. Stakeholders work from jointly accepted information and resources that enable them to engage in joint reflections and develop options to emerge from deadlock. Shared knowledge resources allow the stakeholders to hold a fact-based dialogue. This resource guide forms part of the Shared Knowledge Resources of the Forum.

The CDF is a process owned by its stakeholders in that they define the agenda, the values and outcomes of their dialogues. Each common understanding reached within the Forum is a milestone moving the communities closer together. Such common understandings can support the formal peace process, acting as a safety net and preparing the path towards a solution. 

The Forum is supported by a Secretariat function that is responsible for the shared knowledge resources and the present guide. For more information about the resource guides please contact For more information about the Cyprus Dialogue Forum visit