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POLITICAL GUIDE: Governance & Power Sharing


This negotiation chapter covers governance and power-sharing issues relating to the Federal and Constituent State powers, competencies & structures and considers issues of composition, decision making and deadlock resolving mechanisms as well as the relationship, hierarchy and cooperation between the federal and constituent states.  All issues are negotiated based on the agreed framework for a federal solution underpinned by the principles of bi-zonality, bi-communality, political equality, single sovereignty, single international personality and single citizenship.

Main Issues on Governance & Power Sharing

Governance & Power Sharing in the 2014-2017 Negotiations & in the Guterres Framework

The below section covers (a) governance as one of the elements of strategic agreement within the Guterres Framework based on various documents and statements available to the public, and (b) the progress on the chapter of governance achieved in the period of 2014-2017 including the issues of agreement and disagreement at the end of the conference in Crans-Montana.

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